Unless otherwise indicated meetings are held at: 

                                       State Bank of the Lakes

                                  50 Commerce Drive

                                  Grayslake IL 60030

2019 Meetings 

January - Thursday January 3th 2019 - Pros and cons of NUCs vs Packages.

February - Saturday February 2nd 2019 - Mead Tasting Party.  It will be held at Perfect Brewing which is located at  619 E Park Ave, Libertyville.

                                                                     We'll be there from 3 till 6 sampling various Meads and a huge selection of exotic cheeses.

                                                                     It's $10 for LCBA members and $25 for guests.

February - Thursday February 7th 2019 - Along with Marcin Matelski, Head Beekeeper from the Garfield Park Conservatory, we will have Paula Carnell, a world

                                                                      traveler from the UK who has worked with bees and beekeepers in Oman, the UK and Western Cape South Africa.

March - Thursday March 7th 2019 - Tim Wilbanks from Hertage Honeybee will be talking about the status of Queen and Package Bee Industry.

April - Thursday April 4th 2019 

​May - Thursday May 2nd 2019

​June - Thursday June 6th 2019 - Our guest speaker at the June meeting is Mike Connor, the owner of Honeytree Nursery.

​July - Thursday July 11th -  5PM - Live Hive Inspections - Bee suit and gloves required
​                                                         Lake County Fairgrounds
                                                         1060 East Peterson
                                                         Grayslake, IL                                                 
  After our meeting at the fairgrounds we will meet at Emil's Restaurant, 161 Center Street in Grayslake.

August - Thursday August 1st - 5PM - Its a Picnic! - At the Belli Farm

                                                           Anytime after 5:00 pm, bring some desserts/appetizers to share and join your fellow beekeepers at this fun event.
                                                       The Belli's are located at  40960 N. Mill Creek Road, Old Mill Creek, Illinois.

September - Thursday September 5th - Our guest speaker is Mike Gerard, State Beekeeping Inspector.

October - Thursday October 3rd - Panel of beekeepers to share their knowledge and recommendations as we get our bees ready for winter.


2018 Meetings

January - Thursday January 4th 2018

February - Thursday February 1st 2018

​March - Thursday March 1st 2018 - Tim Wilbanks from Watertown, Wisconsin and Slava Strogolova from strong Microbials.

​April - Thursday April 5th 2018 - Presentation on Deadouts; reading a hive that didn't make it through the winter, what to do differently.
                                                        Session on Degree Days, an approach to timing honey flows and getting different varieties of honey.

​May - Wednesday May 2rd - Splits and Swarms

​June - Thursday June 7th - 4PM - Live Hive Inspections  - Veil and gloves required

​                                                         Lake County Fairgrounds
                                                         1060 East Peterson
                                                         Grayslake, IL


                                                        After our meeting at the fairgrounds we will meet at
                                                        Abel’s Pizza and Mexican
                                                        125 Center Street in Grayslake

July - Thursday July 5th - "Keeping your Bees Healthy by managing Varroa" by Tim Wilbanks

​                                             This meeting will start at 6:45 sharp!

​August - Wednesday August 1st - Kenosha/Racine & Lake County Beekeepers Family Picnic - 5:30 p.m.

                                                          The Belli Farm
                                                          40960 N. Mill Creek Road
                                                          Old Mill Creek, Illinois 60083
                                                           -- Please bring a dish to pass --
                                                          The Lake County Beekeepers Association will provide drinks and hamburgers.

​September - Thursday September 6th -Tom Montovan, one of the State Inspectors will be visiting.

                                                                 We will also talk about prepping your hives for fall and getting your bee girls ready for winter.

October - Thursday October 4th - The Author of Beehive Alchemy, Petra Ahnert will be joining us for a session on the benefits and attributes of the other                                                                                 products of the hive, propolis, beeswax and more, as she talks about a full range of projects, techniques and products from our                                                                 friends the honeybees.

​November - Thursday November 1st - Annual, end of season, HONEY TASTING CELEBRATION !!!!

​December - Thursday December 6th

 2017 Meetings

January - Thursday January 5th 2017  -  Tim Wilbanks - Heritage Honeybee, LLC to discuss package bee issues.  Varroa mite treatments, healthiness,

                                                                                              queen quality, inspection, shipping dates and re-queening.

February - Thursday February 2nd 2017 - Package Bee vs NUCs

March - Thursday March 2nd 2017

March - Saturday March 18th, 2017 - Bee Nutrition Seminar. Cutting Edge Seminar on Bee Nutrition.
                                                              100  Grainger Parkway, Lake Forest, IL.

                                                              Signup on line at www.mettawabeeseminar.com

                                                              Speakers Dr. James Amrine, Jon Frank, Dr. Gordon Wardell and David Hackenberg

April - Thursday April 6th 2017 - Honey Bee Biology and Management - Gary Reuter, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

May - Wednesday May 3th 2017

June - Thursday June 1st 2017  -  4PM - Hive Inspections - Veil and gloves required

                                                                    Lake County Fairgrounds

                                                                    1060 East Peterson

                                                                    Grayslake, IL     

July - Thursday July 6th 2017 - Extracting Honey

August - Wednesday August 2nd 2017 -  Kenosha/Racine & Lake County Beekeepers Family Picnic at 5:00 P.M.

                                                                     The Belli Farm
                                                                     40960 Mill Creek Road
                                                                     Wadsworth, Illinois 60083
                                                                     (847) 838-0207

September - Thursday September 7th 2017 - There will be a panel discussion of preparing your bees for the winter and the various varroa mite treatments.

October - Thursday October 5th 2017 -  Honey tasting contest!

November - Thursday November 2nd 2017 - Cooking With Honey

December - Thursday December 7th 2017

LCBA Board Meeting Dates:

March - Monday March 6th 2017

June - Monday June 5th 2017

August - Monday August 28th 2017

November - Monday November 27th 2017